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Agis Nerantzis Snail breeding

Agis Nerantzis

Company Type:

Producer-Small Family Company









Εκτροφεία Σαλιγκαριών - Snail Breeding

Snail breeding company locates at Vasilika, Thessaloniki-Greece and activates, as its name shows, at the field of snail breeding.

Τhe company was founded from Agis Nerantzis, in September 2010, who with a lot of personal care and under the guidance of Fereoikos Helix company, constructed and managed this snail breeding company.

Because of managers perception and due to limited size of the company, the production is instantly and continously controled, with a result of an exceptional quality. The production circle of the snails is totaly biological, due to the non use of fertilizers and pesticides, which could effect the quality.

At this moment the company is one of the few units in Greece, which possesses authorisation for foundation and operation of a veterinary surgeon snails installation. You can visit at any time the facilities, after giving a call to the company. We would be extremely happy to guide you in our facilities, in order to watch the life time circle of a snail under totally normal conditions.

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