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Learning about greek cultivations

Tsipouro & Raki: The Greek Distillation

Tsipouro is a Greek alcoholic drink which began before the course of seven centuries in the monasteries of Mount Athos. The Raki Raki in Crete or something similar, but the main difference is that the product is single-raki distillation. In other countries, such drinks is the Italian Grappa Arrack and the Middle East.

The Greek olive oil

Today, the olive tree is the most extensive cultivation in the country. Greece produces about 400000 tonnes of oil annually and is the third largest olive grower countries around the world. The culture conditions and methods of oil production have not changed much over the years.

New crops beat the crisis: Spirulina, saffron, truffle

Even in times of economic crisis there are opportunities. As such can be characterized by crops of rare products from the Greek farmers.

Wine, a devine daemon

Greek Fresh Fruits

Almost all the range of the Mediterranean fruit grows in temperate Greece. Each season has its own "specialties" from Greek fresh fruit: apples, pears, kiwi and quince at winter.

Greek Rise

Rice is grown throughout the world over 10,000 years in 113 countries. It is not a staple food for 3 billion people. Scientists believe that there are 140,000 varieties of rice grown, but no one knows the actual number.

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Hearbs guide based on feebly

Guide about the beneficial effects of hearbs

About hearbs...

Hearbs consist a big part of our natural kingdom. It's a contact point with Earth, a communication node between two kingdoms where Humantiy meats Nature

The "Mantarine from Chios" recognised as PGP

One more quality greek product, the "Mantarine from Chios" registered as product Protected Geographical Indication

Recipie: Tzatziki

An easy recipie for traditional greek tzatziki

Recipie: Greek Salad

A recipie for an easy greek traditional salad!

RECIPIE: Cherrie sweet

A favor greek sweet with a smell of summer!

RECIPIE: Mpougatsa

A recipie for making a great Bougatsa!

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