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Telhinia Organic Products

Panagiotis Koikas

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Saler, WholeSaler









It all began in 2004 when after a ten-year absence abroad and working in the tourism and food industry, Takis Koikas returned to his village, Ancient Sicyon. He took over the family farm and embraced organic farming as the only way forward.

Seeking beyond the usual trade names and after studying various ancient texts, Telhinia, the first name of Ancient Sicyon founded by the Dravides' well before 15000 B.C was adopted.

Agronomists Aris Ilias and Panos Mikros became supporters of our dream. Soon came the first olive oil exports along with the expansion of our product range due to increased demand. At the same time the family business grew with the support of my wife Marina.

Our products are exported to countries in Europe and Asia.

OUR MOTTO: Investing in quality organic products.

OUR AMBITTION: to have Hellenic organic products take their rightful place in the world market.

OUR AIM: to offer the same products to our clients as the ones we use in our household.

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