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Potatoes from Nevrokopi

Theodororos Karipidis

Company Type:

Producer-Small Family Company









πατάτες Κ. Νευροκοπίου

My name is Theodoros Kripidis, an i am an independant potatoe producer from Katw Nevrokopi in Drama, Greece. My goal is to offer the best quality potato with the best price.

Our potato is grown at K.Nefrokopi at an altitude of 590m. and because of the special climate of the region acquires its unique quality.There is only one growing season due to prolonged winter season.Potatoes in the region have been recognized as a Protected Geographical Indication by the EU.

The irrigation is done through our automated irrigation network system that is powered by an artificial barrier of the water sources and the surrounding mountains.

Our potatoes
Πατάτα ΝευροκοπίουΠατάτα ΝευροκοπίουΠατάτα Νευροκοπίου

We personally deliver our goods throughout Greece and the rest of the world.

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